Changes Effective 11.1.2018

Price Changes

Effective November 1,2018 - our first price increase since our launch in 2016.

Airport Standard Car 

$90.00 Round Trip 

$50.00 One Way

Driver On Demand 

$10 Base / .35 per minute / .25 wait time

$8 Base / Round Trip Return /.35 Per minute/ .25 wait time

Changes Effective 11.28.2017

Hours of Service

Daytime Service 7 days per week 8am - 6pm

Evening Service Sunday - Thursday 4pm-9pm, Friday & Saturday 4pm-12am

We have made some changes to our car services to better serve our customers:

Daytime Service-

If you are going to need our services for a Doctor Appt, Errand or any other transportation during the day, we will need a call/ text, or our form system to set up an appointment for you to confirm the appointment.  As much as we try to "always be there", an appointment helps everyone.

Evening Car Service -

We appreciate all that have been using our services for a year now, and to be able to handle the demand we have made some changes to the service as well.  We require that in order to book the service for that evening you must call/ text or use our form system to book a reservation not later than 4pm that day. At the same time, we will confirm at that time if you are needing one-way, or round trip transportation to dinner or event.

Our ability to handle everyone is always our goal, and to continue to improve that process, we have found this to be the best way to do so moving forward.

We will be launching a calendar this week as well for our special events on and off the island that would change times of service such as New Years Eve, and other holidays and events.

Airport Car Service -

No real changes to this division, only that we continue to ask that you book as early in advance as possible to confirm your reservation.  The hours above do not reflect our airport service as planes come in anytime 24 hours a day.  If you book using our form system on our website, we ask that you allow 12 hours in advance for that booking.  If you need transportation sooner, then we recommend that you call us so we can still provide the excellent service we have been able to give moving into the upcoming year.

Any questions, as always please feel free to call us at 734.288.8510. or email at

We thank you for an amazing year, and as always "Ride with GILIFT"